Abduction Proof

Abduction Proof is live on Amazon! I am thrilled to finally hit publish on one of my novels. Sorry, Synthesis, Hovels, and the others. Get in line. After years of doubt, setbacks, and most recently, computer troubles and the loss of my best fur baby, I’m on Amazon! The road had been bumpy, but worth it.

Where did the inspiration for the published book come from? In case you asked.

Two summers ago, I sat on a Southern California beach with my family and the idea for Abduction Proof popped into my head.

What if every girl who wanted to be abducted by a hunky alien kept getting her wish, except the one who wanted it the most?

My go-to vision was Bridget Jones meets SciFi Alien Romance. Don’t get too excited, I am no Helen Fielding. Let’s just say the novel and movies contributed to the overall picture of Adelynn. As did my sister, and our many conversations over the years about relationships.

As a fan and reader of Science Fiction Romance, I’ve quite enjoyed the abduction tropes in the genre. Nothing beats scrolling through the SFR section on Amazon, perusing how many alien-skin tints and tattoos can be applied to the infamous man-chest covers. Turns out, there’s a lot.

Nowadays, they’re getting really creative with horns, scales, and tails–oh, my! Honestly, God bless those cover artists! It’s truly a gift to be able to take somebody else’s vision (in written description) and create such stunning depictions of their characters. Makes me wish I would have stuck with my early career aspirations to become a comic book artist. That’s another story.

Why no man-chest cover?

This book is an unlikely romance with a strong comedic tone, and I wanted a cover to reflect that. Believe me, if I could have made it work, my four alien species would’ve been hamming it up for you. That would’ve made for one busy cover. Besides, now I can save the other guys for the next books.

So here we are, dear reader. Book One in my Simply Abductable series has launched my author dingy into the great ocean of publication. Many thanks to Daniel and Laura Martone for inviting me into their Newton’s Gate Universe. I credit this incredibly-talented, power couple, along with Angela McConnell, for helping me with my debut!

Over the coming months, I’ll be working on a few short-story freebies for the mailing list, Adelynn’s wedding, and the next novel. Plus, my other series.

You can order Abduction Proof on Amazon. Please follow the link below.

Amazon US: https://tinyurl.com/y3j5ublw