Weeping Willow

Visited Mojave Narrows Regional Park in Victorville, California. Not the best place to go on a blazing hot summer day, but my favorite type of tree made the heat worth it. The park was a refreshing change of scenery.

2015-06-27 20.06.40

I love Weeping Willow trees. Growing up in Southern California, we had a massive willow on the property. I’m sure my child eyes saw two stories, at least. It probably stood as tall as my father’s single story house.

My sister and I used to build forts under the drooping branches; the leaves were the perfect camouflage. I remember it would get hot within those heavy, leafy curtains. Miss that old tree.

20150624_123419Aha, the enlarge button! You’re welcome.


Long Absence

Are you still there, my one and only reader? I’m back! Apologies for the extended silence. It’s been one of those years. The job and a family loss absorbed my time.

As life has settled down again, I will be posting more content. Stay tuned!