Dog Couch

Sweet Brulee looking at me with complete, and undeserved, adoration.

No secret here, fur babies enrich our lives. Having recently lost my best fur child, I’ve been slowly working through the stages of grief. It’s been relentless. I still can’t believe I am writing this post, can’t fathom how I published my first book, without Bru sitting beside me. Brudy was always by my side! It’s bittersweet to have reached my dream of publishing and not have her here.

Brulee earned her mention in Abduction Proof’s dedication. She listened to my early drafts as I read them aloud, never judging, just happy for the attention. Bru was a bit of an attention hog. Just asked Latte.

I know it takes time to adjust to the new reality. To come home and count only two, to not be greeted by the spinnies of pure joy, to no longer be a springboard for high jumps, but my sister assures me, it will get easier. Time softens, invites healing. I believe that.

Until then, and even beyond, I’ll tell stories. No doubt, Bru would’ve appreciated the attention.

So I hereby dedicate my Dog Couch posts to the memory of Brulee, and the on-going shenanigans of her spunky–yet, oh-so-naughty–niece, Kona (radar-dish ears), and pack mate, Latte (white and fluffy).

2018 Christmas sweaters. Not one thank you from the bunch.

I encourage readers to sit on the dog couch with me, pick off a few stray hairs (or a lot of them, depending on the breed), and swap stories, share favorite pics. I’d love to hear about your pups, or other critters, that have touched your lives.

Let’s reminisce, laugh, and trade tips for making memories with these incredible souls, our treasured fur babies.

I’ll go first.