Abduction Proof

A plump elementary-school teacher. An obnoxious galactic prince. An unlikely soulbond that might save the galaxy, if they don’t kill each other first.

Always a bridesmaid, Adelynn Probst desperately seeks abduction by an eligible extraterrestrial. Deemed “genetically undesirable” by Stellar Suitors, the primary matchmaker on the planet, Adelynn loses all hope of ever winning her alien prince.

Until she unceremoniously saves the Lejonite king from assassination.

Impressed by her bravery, and scalding honesty, he grants her deepest wish—sort of. Adelynn finds herself empathically tethered to his son, the warmongering, imperious Prince Nerius, who needs a lesson in humility—and a place to crash. Adelynn must use every teaching trick in her planner or forfeit her one chance at royal matrimony.

As if educating her starry pupil isn’t challenging enough, the prince’s old enemy has a perilous plan for Earth’s female population. Should the plot succeed, Adelynn, and humanity itself, can kiss any chance of happily ever after goodbye.

Fans of alien-abduction romances with a touch of chick lit will fall for this impossible love story. Download your copy today and prepare to be whisked away by Abduction Proof.